Genius 52UV

Genius 52UV

Creative minds face a real challenge when it comes to using the vast offering of non-absorbing materials (e.g. plastics such as PVC, PC, PS, ABS and PET) available for the jobbing, packaging and label printing sectors. There is a growing demand especially for plastic films. What was once a domain reserved for screen printing is now also open to offset printers who, equipped with UV and waterless technology, are well positioned to get a share of this high-growth market for themselves. But even screen printing businesses can use the greater flexibility provided by this new technology to extend their markets. In the lucrative packaging print sector, where quality of the highest standard is the order of the day, many print products can be manufactured inline with high process reliability and good cost-effectiveness. In other words: printing in four or five colors, ghosting-free with service-proven short inking units, on materials up to 0.8 mm thick.  

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And (only) the Genius 52UV can do it! The technical press had the following to say about the Genius 52UV: “The new offset printer is waterless and rollerless”. For good reason! Many notorious, hard-to-master parameters of conventional offset printing are now a thing of the past. For example: There’s no more adjusting the ink zones, damping units and roller inking units, and no more controlling the ink-water equilibrium. KBA-MePrint has many years of experience with waterless short inking units without ink keys. 
Winning arguments are process stability and standardized printing, complete plate change within five minutes, only about 10 sheets of run-up waste, and up to 8,000 printed sheets per hour in a size of 360 x 520 mm. The one-man machine with its high degree of automation for ease of operation is predestined for small and medium print runs with extremely short job changeover times. Having just a few, clearly arranged touchscreen menus, the GENIUS 52UV can be mastered by new operators within the shortest possible time. 


Highly cost-effective and efficient through the minimization of time and cost:

  • Printing times can be planned for available printing plate sets
  • Job changeover in no more than 7 minutes
  • Around ten sheets of run-up waste
  • 1:1 ink transmission by cylinders of identical diameter results in ghosting-free prints
  • Consistently high printing quality from the first to the last print with the anilox short inking unit. Inking is held constant by temperature control over the entire sheet width  
  • Excellent register stability thanks to gripper bite  
  • Urgent printing jobs are possible at short notice  
  • Lower production costs due to smaller footprint of less than 12 m2  
  • New business fields made possible by high flexibility with extreme substrates

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The economic strengths of the Genius 52 UV lie in small and medium-size print runs. Its most striking advantage is the small amount of setup work and the short period of time until the first “good sheet” is produced. It is inked up more quickly than other machines. And this becomes all the more noticeable with frequently changing jobs.


Simply ingenious: compact construction and easy one-man operation

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Another feature that contributes to the easy handling of the Genius 52UV is the semi-automatic plate changing function which can be triggered by button on the adjustable display: To ensure an exact register the plates are punched and bent off externally in a die-cutting device. All the operator then has to do is insert the plates for the new job into the corresponding shaft with the guards closed. The register-true fixing of the printing plates on the plate cylinder takes place automatically (previously used plates from repeat jobs can also be used). When the print run is finished it only takes one press of a button for the used plates to be deposited automatically in the corresponding shaft, from where they can be removed by hand. And all this takes no more than seven minutes. By the way: You can use both analog and digital plates as well as waterless plates.

Sheet Run

The compact V-shaped arrangement of the printing units: 

1 collecting blade 
2 anilox roller 
3 plate inker 
4 plate cylinder 
5 blanket cylinder 
6 central impression cylinder 
Four printing units are standard; a fifth printing unit for special colors or for inline varnishing is possible 


A thin coat of ink is transferred to the plate coater with each rotation of the ceramic-covered anilox roller. A doctor blade removes surplus ink in order to obtain a constant final print. The plate cylinder and anilox roller are temperature-controlled in order to stabilize the printing process. 
Printing in four or five colors takes place with UV-curing inks which are instantly and fully cured by means of a powerful integrated dryer unit in the delivery unit. Additional processing operations such as laminating or die-cutting can thus follow straight after the printing without any delay. 

Inking Unit

What counts is the result: Simply high print quality without color fluctuations

The foundation for quality is always laid in the prepress department. A poor prepress result cannot produce a good print; this is a fact that no tricks can change. Provided the prepress work has been performed with due care, the short inking units with waterless offset technology will guarantee an exact and unchanging ink density and brilliance that extends through to the smallest detail. Another decisive advantage of the zone-free technology is that the quality of print can be reproduced at any time.

Ghosting-free printing

A key characteristic of the Genius 52UV is the V-shaped arrangement of its four or five printing units around the central impression cylinder of fourfold size. Each sheet is printed true to register without gripper transfers, thus preventing register differences. Anilox roller, blanket plate cylinder and printing cylinder all have exactly the same diameter, thus guaranteeing a ghosting-free type form.

Temperature-controlled ink volume

Ink control with the anilox roller and collecting blade quickly enables optimum inking for difficult forms. The ink density can be elegantly decreased or increased by temperature control of the anilox rollers.

Technical Details


Printing system

waterless offset printing

Printing units



UV-curing inks

Print substrates

from 0.1 to 0.8 mm (0.004 to 0.03“), (depending on substrate) PVC, ABS, PS, PE, PET, PC, carton and paper


max. 8,000 sheets/hour (depending on print substrate)

Stack height 

Sheet feeding

600 mm (23.62“) max.

Sheet delivery

400 mm (15.75“) max.


Max. sheet format

360 x 520 mm (14.2 x 20.47“)

Min. sheet format

210 x 297 mm (8.27 x 11.69“)

Max. printing format

350 x 500 mm (13.78 x 19.69“)

Gripper edge

10 mm (0.39“)

Printing plates 

waterless, analog or digital

Format / thickness

404 x 540 x 0.3 mm (15.91 x 21.26 x 0.0118“)

Plate change

semi-automatic, register-true, complete plate change in less than 5 minutes

Length x Width x Height 

3,825 x 3,278 x 1,906 mm (150.6 x 129.1 x 75.0“)


approx. 12 m2 (129.2 sq.ft.)

Total weight

6.2 tons (approx. 13,700 lbs)

Air consumption

1500 l/min (7 bar / 101.5 psi)

Power connection 

Connected load

3 x 400 V / 230 V (± 10 %) TN-S-net, 50 Hz

Electric power

50 kVA


84 A

Backup fuse

100 A

Technical alterations reserved. 

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